Hoagies & Stogies 101


Hoagies & Stogies is a men’s fellowship for reformed, theological debate and discussion. It was created by one of our church elders before he was an elder. When he was ordained, he got too busy and gave the reins of the ‘ministry’ to Reuben. When Reuben moved to a new residence, Rob took the conn and the story continues from here.

At H&S, men gather for a simple meal of hoagies, with home-brewed exquisitely craft-brewed beer, or soft drinks. After a while, we all refill our glasses, and those who are so inclined light up their best stogies and kick back and enjoy a theological debate. But if you are not a smoker, or not a drinker (or not both!), you are still welcome. (You can consider it your mission to ensure that Christian liberty is exercised with due charity!)

Here’s the link to our Facebook page: Facebook H&S

What are the rules of Hoagies & Stogies?

  • Hoagies & Stogies is a men’s fellowship; please don’t bring any female-type people.
  • The cost to all but H&S officials is a low $7 to cover the cost of food and beer.
  • Bring your own Stogies, pipes, or other smoking materials, if desired.
  • All smoking (and debating) will be outside, so also bring your own lawn chairs (and jackets).
  • Affirmative RSVPs are mandatory (negative RSVPs optional), to ensure sufficient food. I will accept RSVPs all the way up to the day of, so never feel that it is too late to get in on the action!

What is the format of Hoagies & Stogies?

  • Men gather at 5pm on the specified Saturday night, and start eating. When everybody is settled with a sandwich, a chair, a stogie, and a beer (or any subset thereof), we proceed with the proceedings.

If there is a presentation, we usually allot an hour or less for presentation and then a Q&A follows.

In the case of a debate, the following ensues:

  • Moderator’s opening statement (5-10min): Define relevant terminology, explain the issue, establish scope, precisely state the agreed-upon question.
  • Opening statements (20min ea): each debater argues positively for their own position
  • Rebuttals (10min ea): each debater argues negatively against their opponent’s position
  • Closing (5min ea): each debater gives a 5 minute summary
  • Break: submit questions, refill glasses
  • Q&A: Debaters address submitted questions as a panel discussion.